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 24 karat Metal Nail Art  26 Pack Full Alphabet

24 karat Metal Nail Art 26 Pack Full Alphabet

On sale $10.00
24 K Gold Plated Metal Nail Art 

You will be receiving a packet of letters A - Z all containing 20 pcs each pack

This beautiful 24 karat gold nail charms are designed to be worn a few different ways... First you may try on top of the nail in a 3D fashion by attaching it with glue or Maybe you would like your nail to have a more floating nail art affect by placing the 24 karat gold piece in the acrylic then giving it an overlay of Crystal Clear acrylic. Try them both & see which you like. These beautiful pieces are made from 24 K gold plated metals which make them very rich looking. These are very light in weight & thin making them easy to apply to any type of nail may they be natural or polished or gelled or acrylic it's all up to you. 

Attaching Methods...


Grab the art with tweezers... Place a very small dab of glue on nail in spot of desire then place the art on top of the dab of glue. 

Gel Top Coat (sticky top coat required)...

Apply your gel & cure... After curing the sticky top coat will act like an adhesive so simply pick up desired art with tweezers & place in the spot of your choice... Then slap on a second coat of sticky top coat cure then clean with alcohol.  

Acrylic Inlay...

Do nail base color a little thinner than usual the place the art in spot of desire... Now you have all your inlay art placed apply a thin layer of the crystal clear acrylic over the top trapping the art... Now shape as usual & top coat. 

Nail Lacquer...

Polish the nail with lacquer... While the lacquer is still wet drop the art in the spot of desire... Allow the lacquer to set for a few then top coat to perfection. For a better hold & shine us the sticky gel top coat (allow lacquer to dry completely first)

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