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Crystal Clear Powder 5 oz

Crystal Clear Powder 5 oz

Your Price: $22.00

Our Crystal Clear polymer is the clearest powder you can find... It's looks like glass!!

Whatever color glitter you put in this powder is the exact color that you will see when it is a finished nail!! 

No clouding... No color distortion... No bubbling!! 

All of our polymers are very finely ground allowing them to have the greatest clarity know to manicurists... Not to mention it's fresh fruit scent!! 


Here's how I use it...

On a full set I would preform the following steps for long lasting nails...

1) Size your clients nail beds for the correct tips

Tip... The tip should reach the edge of the clients finger but must not over lap the skin

2) Etch nail bed with your drill using the mandrel & a medium sanding band
Tip... Don't use a metal bit on natural nails. 

3) Apply Envy's Premium Bond Aid to all 10 nail beds

Tip... This is an extra step used to insure maximum adhesion 

4) Glue the tips you have already sized to your clients nail bed

5) Trim tip to clients desired length 

6) Gentle etch the nail tip & bed one more time... 

You do this to get rid of the tip line & give the bed a rough surface...

 Nothing sticks to something smooth 

7) Apply a second coat of Envy's Premium Bond Aid to nail bed

Tip... Keep it off the artificial nail tip as it may crack

8) Apply first coat of Envy's Premium Primer

Note... If you are doing full glitter on the nail then apply two coats of primer to the 

nail bed allowing each coat to dry before apply the next & skip to step 12. 

If you are doing only tips with glitter then go to step 9

9) Apply art work to tips of the first 5 nails... ie... glitter or colored acrylic

10) Apply second coat of Envy's Premium Primer

11) Apply art work to tips of the last 5 nails... ie... glitter or colored acrylic

12) Apply third coat of Envy's Premium Primer to nail bed

Tip... Do not allow this application to dry... It's a wet application

13) Apply any of Envy's beautiful pinks to the nail bed 

14) Repeat steps 12 & 13 for all ten nails

Now shape, clean & polish the acrylic nail to reveal the beauty!!



Other great products you might want to add to this...

* Envy Premium Primer

* Envy Premium Bond Aid

You may even want to check out out one of our great smelling monomers... The scents include watermelon, mango & mocha!! 


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