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Foil Transfer #6
Foil Transfer

Foil Transfer #6

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Nail Art Foils create the perfect "mixed metals" finish for any polish color. Using Foil Transfer with a dark nail polish will showcase your work better

How to use: 

1.  Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back and removing all oils 
(do this using professional nail prep eg Platinum Bond

2.  Apply a base coat... Allow it to dry

3.  Apply first coat of  desired nail polish color... Allow it time to dry

4.  Apply second coat of desired nail polish color... Allow it time to dry... But not totally dry
 You want to be able to gently push a fingerprint into the nails when you press your finger on the nail

5.  Press foil shiny side up, onto the nail and rub over the nail using your finger
 Different colors of foils can mixed on the nails to create a truly one of a kind nail design

5.  Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuck to your nail. If a bit is missing, just apply the top coat to the part not taken and repeat to step.4

6.  Once completely dry, apply a coat to protect the foil.

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