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French Trimmer - Natural

French Trimmer - Natural

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Natural Only
Set of 10 Trimmers - Savings of $50.90 [+$175.00]

French Trimmer

Smile line cutter



Includes 1 cutting plate & 1 training video


Let us induce you to your new best friend... French Trimmers!!

You simply apply your white or even glitter* to the tip area with little to no attention to the smile line as your french trimmer will finish the job!!



1. Select a size to fit the nail bed

2. Place the center line at the center of the nail bed before trimming to achieve a perfect balanced curve.

3. Trim starting from the center and then from the sides

4. Clean excess acrylic using a brush with acrylic liquid



We have a collection of 10 different styles of the French Trimmers...

Check them all out before deciding on your style...

Or pick up all 10 for $199 (a value of $249.90)



Natural* Half-Moon*Extended*Almond


*With glitter please be careful as the glitter may spread on the nail bed...
Make sure your brush is firm & clean to get a crisp clean nail bed with glitter tips.

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