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Glow #1
Night Light Luminous Glow Powder

Glow #1

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Night Lights Luminous Glow Powder

Envy's Night Lights Luminous Glow Powder is the strongest glowing powder on the market!! 

Rather your in the clubs or just chilling at home 12 hours of glow time should get you through it. 

Please keep in mind that the camera can not capture the true beauty of the color. Your color maybe off a hue or two especially with the  glow color. 

From matte colors to shimmering colors to glow colors... We have it over 240 colors in Envy's Powder Bar... Now that's hard to beat!!                                                    

Our Art Collection is not only the largest collection in the industry they are also the  easiest to work with. 

While most powders get runny & make a mess Envy's Art powders keep it together to make molding your design easier!!  

Envy's Art Collection come ready to use... No mixing required. 

Envy's Art Collection is sold by volume & priced as follows... 

Small... $2 ea (approx 1/4 oz)

Medium... $4 ea (approx 1/2 oz)

Large... $6 ea (approx 1 oz)

**Please remember the camera can not capture the true beauty... Some colors may be off by a hue or two**

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