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Goldfish Mold

Goldfish Mold

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3D Molds take the tedious hand work & time out of 3D nail art!!
With the ability to use them with gel or acrylic the limits are endless!!

After you have completed your work on the nail including top coat choose one of the following methods for your mold design... 

Gel Use...
To use with gel you would place desired color or colors in the mold... Once everything looks to your desires cure (curing time will depend on manufacture requirements) the gel (still in mold) under your UV light. Once they have finished curing you may pull the design out of the mold & apply to the nail with nail glue.

Acrylic Dry...
You would place your desired colors in the mold... Allow the acrylic to dry in the mold completely... Once all is dry you may pop them out & apply them when ever you would like. 

Acrylic Soft...
You would place your desired colors in the mold... Once you start to see the acrylic dry (around 20-30 seconds depending on the acrylic) you would flex the mold allowing the design to stick out on the edges... Pull it out using tweezers... The design is still soft at this point so quickly apply glue to the nail & push down the mold leaving no edges to catch on. 

Acrylic Wet... 
Place desired colors inside the mold... Leaving them a little more shallow than the edge of the mold to prevent any squeezing out do to pressure... Then while the acrylic is still wet in the mold you will hold the mold on the nail with pressure... Giving it around 45 sec to 1 min (depending on the acrylic system you use)... Once you pull off the mold your design will be molded to the nail. 

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